Just Keep Swimming.

Most of you know, I spent January – November of 2012 in the great breast cancer fight. I was 31 years old. It was a catalyst & inspiration to create the festival, connect our like-minded community & shine light on all of the wonderful resources Atlanta has to offer.

In complete transparency, I had a hard time getting back up at the end of that life season. Just after my final surgery that November, my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to escape for a weekend adventure in the Great Smoky Mountains. Erik suggested an eight mile hike. My strong on the outside voice told Erik, “Yes I want to do this! Eight miles is nuh-thing!”. The voice inside my head was the polar opposite, “The bottom of my feet feel like needles are piercing me every time I take a step. I have been laying in bed for six weeks and have not been using my body except to go from the bed to the bathroom. Do I really want to do this? Definitely not.” Sprinkled in somewhere was Dory repeating, “Just keep swimming”. Don’t you love her?

We checked in, then headed to the trail. The day started out with sunshine. On the way in, a ranger let us know they there had been multiple bear sightings that morning & how to handle it if we saw one. (NBD). As we hiked into higher elevations, a heavy mist came in & we could barely see more than a few feet in front of us. We hadn’t passed anyone on the trail all day and heard crackles in the forest (bear?), but could not see if anything was there. It was eerie, yet majestic. Erik was walking with me, but I felt alone. In a good way … I started to channel my strength and remember the warrior that lived inside. We mostly walked in silence. My inner dialogue had switched from fear —> into faith (as Erik’s mama would say) and I started reminding myself that every step was the first step of the rest of my life.

Every November, I try to honor that experience with a new hike. This year, I decided to integrate it into our retreat. My hope is that the Saturday of the weekend, you will take time to reflect on your year & whatever it is you are moving towards. This year, I am thrilled to be moving towards a new baby girl.

I would like to invite you to come along for the adventure. The hike – in addition to all of the magic, nourishment & new-found energy that tends to come forth at retreats. Join us in the Blue Ridge Mountains – at a nature site that allows for self-exploration, individual growth, and mind/body healing. It is a place where Earth and Air, Fire and Water nurture wisdom both ancient and new.

We are asking retreaters to contribute based on your sleeping preferences. The investment includes all of your clean + healthy meals starting Friday night through lunch Sunday, sleeping arrangements and experiences hosted by some of our favorite presenters.

  • “I’d like my own room”: $625+
  • “I’m OK with roommates”: $550+ (SOLD OUT)
  • “I’m OK with 3+ Bunk Mates”: $450 (1 SPACE REMAINING)

You can confirm your participation here. We have limited space and this gathering is filling, so please confirm your participation this week.

Your next Wigwam adventure awaits …
In gratitude,

P.S. Below is a photo from that hike in 2012.

November Hike